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Marian Laval, Co-Founder
    Terrace, BC

Marian is a new resident of Terrace (Aug 27, 2006). She was raised in Regina, SK. Marian and her husband Bob have served the community for many years. She and Bob are co-principals of their own company, AMR Services. Marian has many interests and is a committed life-long learner. Her many interests include natural health solutions and remedies, personal growth coaching, and computer technology. Marian is a trained Buteyko Breath Practitioner and offers educational courses on this natural and drug-free solution to asthma and other respiratory diseases originating from Dr. Buteyko of Russia. Buteyko also improves general health. She has a Masters degree in Leadership and Training (Royal Roads University), is a certified Life Skills Coach and Group facilitator, and certified in Information Technology and web design (AMIT program from UVic). View Marian's portfolio online.

Marian's vision is one that promotes unity and healing for humanity today and for future generations. Clearly, the world is in an urgent state of affairs and although it may seem that everything is working against any kind of peace and finding common ground, She believes that women will play a key role in bringing peace to the world. Marian believes in the power of holding vision for ourselves and each other. This involves making choices and draws on an individual's core beliefs. When holding a vision or a good intention for an outcome, one can pause, breath, and reflect on the world in a new way. Marian wants to share more time and energy with those who want to create models for achieving deeply meaningful connections with oneself, one's spirit, and each other. WOVEN is a venue for sharing ideas, receiving support for one's dreams and goals, and hanging-out with some awesome people.

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